Large White X Landrace Pork

Our pigs are a Large White X Landrace from the Mercer family in our neighbouring county staffordshire. They are free ranging, outdoor born, and reared where the piglets can root, and wallow as they please. Our pigs travel a bit further, but it's the quality and husbandry that is really important. The Mercer family have been rearing pigs since the 1930's, they work closely with the RSPB, and Natural England to help plant diversity, and increase wild bird numbers. They have also won great taste awards for their fantastic pork.

As we use every part of the pig, wether it be the the head for the cheeks, the shoulder,orĀ  neck for sausages,or the trotters for the jelly in our pork pies. It is really important too get just the right amount of fat to meat ratio. Before any of our pork is butchered it is hung on the bone to develop the right amount of flavour.
Wether you want a loin with the belly attached for porchetta, or some shoulder for slow roast pulled pork buns our pork will have a great deep, rich flavour.