Burns night supper!


Burns night supper!

It’s that time of year again where get to stab your food with a dagger a slug some whiskey, so in true littlewoods butchers style we’ve made our own haggis so that you know exactly where all those 5th quarter bits and bobs have come from!
So just incase you don’t know around the 25 of January the Scottish celebrate Robert(Rabbie) Burns one of Scotland best known writers, and poets by eating Burns supper(haggis, neeps, and tatties). Now tradition dictates that you stand over your haggis recite ‘The address to the haggis’ stab at with your wee sigium-dhub (dagger) that you’ve pulled out of your sock, and knock back a dram of whiskey!

Well that’ll do me!


Now as many of us have some claim to Scottish ancestry, or North west England which some say the haggeese originated? Or you just fancy an excuse to knock back a bottle of whiskey,well i suggest we do our bit to keep this tradition going!

So what exactly is in our haggis you ask? well all the best bits of course! We use lambs liver, the lights(lung) which all comes from local Cheshire lambs which we then add suet, oatmeal, barley, salt, pepper, and our own blend of spices, and thats it!

The addition of barley gives the haggis a nutty, and savoury flavour, and helps to balance the ingredients so that the offal flavour Is not too strong.


Now when it comes to cooking its really simple, traditionally you would put the haggis into gently simmering water, and simmer for about 40 mins. But you can also slit the casing open along it’s length, and put it into the microwave on high for 4 mins stir, and then cook for another 4 mins. You can also cut into slices, batter it, then deep fry it. Now serve it with mashed neeps, and tatties. Perhaps a deep fried Marsbar for dessert?…………….. 😉